R.J. Numanan

R.J. Numanan is a resilient second-generation geek, who was raised among astrophysicists, aerospace engineers, mathematicians, philanthropists, medical practitioners, artists, and teachers. Books under her pillow growing up included authors such as Bradbury, Ellison, Grimm, LeGuin, L'Engle, King, and included tomes by Jung, Campbell, Graves, and the Larousse Dictionary of Mythology. And her chiropractor wonders why her neck is so bad all these years later.

Mx. Numanan works in tech and she probably has worked for companies you have heard of. You might even be using one of those devices to read this short bio right now. However, if she gave you specifics, she might have to kill you, which no one wants.

As an author, Mx. Numanan explores subjects at the intersections of neurodiversity, mental illness, queerness, inter- and intra-personal relationships, and current events. If you are looking for sunshine, rainbows, and bunnies, Mx. Numanan is likely not the droid you are looking for.

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