David Gary Pirinelli

David was born in New England but brought up in Indiana. From an early age he loved short stories, TV, film and theatre. He spent a year at Harlaxton College in Grantham Great Britain, where he majored in English Writing. Fancying himself a writer, he rode around the countryside on trains writing short stories in a leather notebook. He finished up at Indiana University with a Bachelor’s in TV Production and a minor in English.

A few years later he found himself swallowed up by the TV and Film business in Los Angeles. He quickly rose to Art Director and ended up doing work for MTV, Playboy TV, and various feature films and TV commercials. Realizing he had strayed from his true love of writing; in 2016 David enrolled at UCLA in the Writing for TV Professional Program. Walking the campus he found inspiration from the famous school’s campus and students. He has since turned out a number of works and has placed in the top 5 of several contests, including a second place in Austin in 2018.

David has always loved Science Fiction. In the early days this was watching the original Star Trek with Dad when the show was only a few years old. Today he writes with the sensibility of a man who has seen much and combines life experience with common themes in Sci-Fi. As a side business he founded and discovered he could write EFI/BIOS roms for Apple computer graphics cards. He greatly enjoyed telling this story with the other nine writers and looks forward to his next project. David can be found under his name on Facebook.